Facilitated collaboration helps organizations recognize opportunities for growth and inspires teams to bring the best ideas to life.

Whether a customized workshop, facilitated gathering or an extended Lab, teams working and iterating together catalyze innovation and create networks to implement strategies across your organization.

Quick Dip

Identify potential and define priorities. We’ll facilitate a half-day to two days in which we harness the collective wisdom of your team to establish hypotheses, make unexpected connections, and set a path for deeper exploration.



A unified team and a clear path forward

Future Map

Set a clear innovation agenda. A four-week intensive of interviews, activities and analysis culminates in a two-day lab that helps you identify best opportunities before setting new initiatives in motion.



A detailed opportunity map for increasing your effectiveness and amplifying your collective impact

Horizon Shift

Mobilize the collective power of your organization. Explore not just opportunities for impact, but creative concepts to accelerate progress. Collaborate during a series of engagements and a four-day, hands-on lab with diverse minds to innovate multiple design solutions, deliver new learning and demonstrate rapid success stories.



A concrete plan in support of your vision, including the creative concepts to get you there

Impact Summit

Each of our lab formats can be tailored to convene multiple teams or organizations. Explore our Labs site for more.

Work with us to

Get “unstuck” from existing modes of doing and thinking

Accelerate the timeline from ideation to innovation

Increase the capacity and confidence of your team

Create new tools to catalyze your organization