Peace Cereal

Abundant Goodness

Peace Cereal, founded by the legendary Yogi Bhajan, is one of the top organic cereal manufacturers in the U.S. But you’d never know it. Their product was nearly invisible in the aisle, their name the only nod to their inspiring values—peace, joy, optimism, sharing and abundant goodness.

We helped them develop a positioning rooted in their unique DNA, then used that foundation to build an on-shelf presence to match.

An inviting color palette delineates the vast line of cereals, while a unifying golden eastern motif evokes a sense of joy and optimism. Elegant negative space makes this brand stand out in an aisle of sameness. An understated icon points to the brand’s higher purpose: 10% of Peace Cereal proceeds support organizations working towards peace around the world.

The back panel shares stories of the organizations Peace Cereal supports, inviting consumers to get informed and engaged.

Like every other design element on the box, photography is carefully choreographed to convey a sense of sharing, great taste and abundant goodness.


The images look more like a cookbook than conventional cereal photography, lending a premium sensibility to the brand. Photos by Laurie Frankel.

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