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Mohawk’s purchase of the SMART brand created the most extensive collection of post-consumer waste (PCW) papers on the market. Our challenge: to name, position and launch the amalgam line as the go-to environmental paper collection while reinforcing Mohawk’s decades’ long environmental leadership.

The name Loop goes beyond PCW to evoke the natural cycles that guide our seasons, days and lives. From the Living Almanac promo book to the website and ad campaign, the brand expresses a joyful, honest and empowering perspective on sustainability that changes the game for the paper industry, and the design community at large.

The cornerstone of the campaign is the Living Almanac, a perpetual calendar. Rather than simply celebrating the paper, this promo book celebrates Loop’s bigger idea, offering engaging content for sustainable design that can be referenced and relied upon again and again—or passed on to others.

Bold illustrations allude to the recycling chains found in nature—the elemental cycles of air, water, carbon, energy, etc. Loops guide our seasons, days, lives and planet, and inspire action like reusing, rethinking and reinventing.

The Almanac is also full of sustainable lifestyle stories, resources, artwork, inspirations and definitions, both playful and serious. It offers actionable, engaging content that encourages participation and can be referenced again and again, or passed on to others who might enjoy it. 

And there are moments of whimsy too, to make sure readers don’t hit information overload.

The solar eclipse, as seen in the print teaser campaign, is a key image of the campaign, a reference to the earth’s endless loop around the sun—and the endless source of energy it offers us. The tagline, “Beautiful Paper. Bright Ideals.” joyfully embodies both the product and the brand concept.

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