A Fresh Investment

Expressing their uniqueness with a brand that resonates: that was the challenge faced by FMP (Financial Management Partners), one of the largest independent family offices in the U.S. Tomorrow embarked on a full rebrand to reflect their forward-thinking culture and innovative model of wealth management.

We started by repositioning the firm around their most valuable differentiator: educating the entire family, from young to old. Their new name, Matter Family Office, is an unconventional moniker that captures their foremost dedication to families and what matters most to them. The new identity is as distinct as the firm is visionary.

Much like their name, Matter wanted a brand aesthetic that bucked the industry norm. The modern identity system creates a fresh look and a bold statement in the wealth management field, speaking to the entire family with Matter’s optimistic, down-to-earth culture. Vibrant photography of intimate occasions and intergenerational interactions capture important life moments and showcase the richness of Matter clients’ lives.

Content strategy, a smart tone, and a creative pictograph bring clarity to Matter’s story and illustrate their unique approach online. An engaging blog gives them a platform for sharing their point of view and connecting with multiple audiences. And it’s all backed by an easy-to-manage CMS, so Matter employees can stay focused on what really, well, matters.

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