Defining an Industry by Leading It

The goal of any start-up is to harvest opportunities that others can’t see. But how do you explain the value of your offering in a space that hasn’t been defined yet?

Luvocracy is a pioneer in social shopping—the next incarnation of e-commerce that engages the power of community to drive sales. The fast-growing start-up had already done the hard work of developing a loyal user base and a reliable fulfillment process, but was struggling to explain their ‘what’ and ‘why’ to potential users, investors and employees.


Working closely with Luvocracy’s leadership team, we created shopper profiles to segment target customers not by psychographics or demographics, but by needs and motivations. We mapped those motivations against both Luvocracy and their competition, creating a frame of reference that made the brand’s premise and value proposition clear. Presenting these findings in a workshop forum allowed the leadership team to take ownership of the ideas so they could embed them everywhere it counts, including product design.


A focused messaging architecture and a new tone of voice came to life in the site content, which we crafted to pay off the brand name and its promise: that the recommended life is one worth living. Luvocracy is now moving forward with a clear sense of purpose and an inherently luvable brand.

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