Into the Data Jungle

Big Data is a priceless resource, but only if you know how to use it. We helped Imazon make their wealth of knowledge accessible and valuable to the world at large.

A globally recognized research institute focused on Amazon conservation, Imazon is highly respected for its deforestation analysis and synthesis. But despite regularly publishing reports online, users had difficulty finding and understanding the information they needed. Unnecessarily burdened with individual data inquiries available on already published reports, Imazon challenged us to conceive of a more efficient online tool.

A team of Tomorrow interaction designers set out to Belem to see and understand first hand what Imazon does, how they do it, and uncover the organizational constraints that had to be taken into consideration when designing the user experience.

After an intensive week of on-the-ground research in the Amazon to gain a deep understanding of Imazon’s structure, workflows, and data consumers, we emerged with wireframes for a robust and easily accessible user experience that meets the needs of the organization’s employees and their stakeholders.

During our field research, we met with employees across every department and diverse users such as forestry experts, public prosecutors, government officials, partner organizations, and journalists. We created blueprints, mapped user journeys, tools, interfaces, conversations and relationships to understand how these various constituents use Imazon’s research and how they go about finding it.

Back in Berkeley, we synthesized and applied our wealth of research to map out a better online future. Ultimately, we uncovered several key findings in workflow and user engagement methods and were able to create a clear roadmap for a new Imazon web platform featuring a revamped structure, improved categorization system and more robust search capabilities. A user-friendly navigation and UX design gave Imazon the blueprint to create this new online presence and tool with a Brazilian partner.

We know that we are running against time. The next ten years are going to be critical… We are going to live in a place where people respect the law, the economy is growing and, at the same time the forest is protected.

— Beto Verissimo
Senior Researcher, Imazon

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