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For more than 10 years, had been the premier online destination for sustainable business news and analysis. But it’s only one aspect of Greener World Media, the parent company which produces research studies, events, networking and thought leadership.

Through facilitated workshops with the leadership team, we developed a strategic foundation that allowed the company to leverage the equity of their most recognized brand and unify their diverse offering under one clear, cohesive umbrella—GreenBiz Group.


Greener World Media is now GreenBiz Group, a strategic realignment that increases the visibility of all the company’s offerings. The strategic vision for the company now reads like a thriving ecosystem.

The new corporate logo and tagline, “Defining and Accelerating the Business of Sustainability,” succinctly expresses their core purpose while a series of unique sub-brands extend the brand family into other offerings like events, networks and publications.


The Green Confidence Index (GCI) is the first monthly consumer study of its kind, focused on the rapidly growing green economy. Unifying the visual expression of their Intelligence reports lets the rest of the brand enjoy the halo of their thought leadership.

A style guide system adds clarity and consistency to all GreenBiz communications.

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