Building Brand Consensus

When a business evolves organically over time, it can be easy to lose track of what you stand for. Taking the steps to articulate Endicia’s brand strategy provided forward momentum for the whole company.

Endicia’s fans rely on them all day, every day: their software enables customers to ship and track through USPS without ever setting foot in a post office. Founded in 1982 by three academic engineers, the company has undergone many evolutions, but has maintained its focus on smart solutions, dedicated customer service, and a great internal culture. The trouble was recognition. As an ingredient brand with an ever-changing identity, many customers couldn’t remember their name. And without a clearly expressed mission, the marketing team was having trouble rallying audiences both inside and out. 


Leveraging the valuable institutional knowledge of Endicia’s leadership team, we led a research phase that involved every department, as well as several partners and customers. With customer needs clarified and stakeholder buy-in secured, the vision, promise and mission of Endicia’s brand began to emerge. 


Brand insights were distilled in the form of hardworking tools. A new brand strategy clearly articulates the value of a complex offering for a variety of target customers, bringing focus and direction to future innovations. Meanwhile, a brand toolkit offers motivation and messages for every audience, especially employees. Endicia is a software company with a decidedly human touch; defining a shared mission, vision and values gives shape and focus to the work of these dedicated people. In fact, the values have been so galvanizing that they now live at the entrance to the headquarters.

Externally, a new brand identity and tagline refreshes the memory of customers and partners, so Endicia is sure to get full credit for the value they create. And with a new style guide in hand, the marketing team now represents the brand consistently on every page of the website and in every form of communication.

With the everyday pressures of business, it can be hard to justify setting time aside for self-reflection. In the case of Endicia, to know thyself is the key to being remembered and embraced.

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