Wine Institute of California

Global Appeal

California Wine Institute represents 1,000+ members in its promotion of California wine around the globe. While some countries take pride in their heritage and others rely on clever branding, none can boast California’s diversity of terroir, varietals and winemakers.

Our challenge was to celebrate and educate about this rich viniculture while capitalizing on the world’s romantic vision of the California lifestyle—and to do it all in a way that could translate easily across languages and cultures. The result is a picture book that acts as a road trip across the state—with a brand campaign to match.

Lush photography of idyllic vineyards and famous California vistas, landmarks and victuals pair with quick paragraphs and sound-byte-sized content, easing understanding and translation.


A custom pull-out map poster helps audiences navigate the state and discover the California Wines brand at the same time.

Designed to play at trade shows, road shows and tasting events, as well as on the website, the California Wines video brings the road trip to life, adding voice and dimension for a global audience.

The website takes visitors on a journey across the state, exploring the various wine regions and discovering what makes each unique and visit-worthy including their distinct varietals, wineries, weather, events, recipes and fun factoids.

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