A Winning Equation

Besides being the worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling computer-networking equipment, Cisco Systems is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) innovator. Creating positive change across multiple impact areas, Cisco needed help bridging their remarkable efforts under a unifying message.

Through extensive research, interviews, and many conversations with Cisco stakeholders around the world, we landed on a powerful concept that connects the company’s core competency with their social initiatives: the multiplying impact of their technology and human networks. Cisco’s executive team is now using this framework and CSR brand extension as the platform to communicate about the company’s integrated approach to CSR.


The theme for Cisco’s CSR story, “Engaging the Network for Good,” metaphorically illustrates the multiplying power of Cisco’s networks—its products, technical expertise, and employees—to amplify positive change while remaining deeply rooted in Cisco’s business and values.


Cisco’s diverse philanthropic stories connect in a cohesive and compelling brand message and emotive photography brings the new storytelling framework to life.

For Cisco’s company-wide CSR presentation, we concluded the report with the call-to-action “What do you know?”, inciting the audience to join the network, get behind the campaign, and contribute their knowledge to make a difference.

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