Charles Chocolates

One very Hot Chocolate

Chuck Siegel’s handcrafted small batch sweets needed a brand that would appeal to the persnickety foodie audience.

Rather than wrapping his charming confections in Godiva-like gold or See’s clinical black and white, we took a more personable, whimsical approach. Chocolate bars offer bright colored flavor-specific labels that are deployed in other applications. The delicious sweets and creamy branding inspired instant loyalty—and growth nationwide.



While you can’t taste or smell it, the online presence and web store deploys textured design and luscious photography to recreate a virtual ooh-la-la among chocolate afficionados who love to indulge on the web.



It’s one thing to have a wicked chocolate recipe. It is another to enter a market and inspire instant brand loyalty. Charles Chocolates was given “Best in the West” accolades by Sunset Magazine, its first year of existence.

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