American Promise

An App for Impact

Storytelling is a powerful means of catalyzing change. Rada Film Group hoped technology could empower black males to write their own next chapter.

Award-winning production house Rada Film Group approached Tomorrow while filming An American Promise, a documentary exploring the black male achievement gap. During 12 years of filming the story, they had also dreamed up a potential solution: a companion mobile app to help African-American families advance their sons’ learning and opportunities for success. Now it was time to translate a promising idea into actionable reality.

Our immersion process included a facilitated workshop, desktop research, telephone interviews, and field research across the country. Through the assistance of the Open Society Foundation, Rada Film Group, Eagle Academy, Center for Urban Families, and the filmmakers’ personal networks, we were welcomed into the homes of sixteen families.

With a wealth of knowledge in hand, we synthesized our findings and articulated key insights into what information should be distributed where and how. Translating research into actionable design implications, we expressed characteristics necessary for the creation of an appropriate and meaningful tool across mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

Our insights and recommendations enabled Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster to build their vision with maximum impact. Following the acclaimed theatrical release of the film in 2013, the Promise Tracker app is due to launch in 2014.


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